Oats, nuts, seeds and a drizzle of honey are mixed together in small batches by hand and lightly toasted to enhance Bow-a-Granola’s distinct flavour.

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Our Story

The Beginnings

I began making my own granola and muesli because I wanted one that was all natural, wheat-free and wasn’t too sweet. After a while an opportunity came along to reinvent my working life so I decided to try selling my homemade granola  at Galway’s farmer’s markets. I welcomed feedback, extended the range and before too long Bowl-a-Granola was in weekly demand and I had a food business to run.

That was 2012. Since then Bowl-a-Granola has grown and is now widely available throughout Ireland.

If you would like to see it stocked in a shop near you please get in touch and we will do our best to add it to our stockists list. Or, you could also hop over to our shop and have it delivered to your door as often as you like.

What is special about Bowl-a-Granola?

lightly sweetened

Bowl-a-Granola’s breakfast range is made with Irish oats and is lightly sweetened with a drizzle of honey.

Wheat Free

The existing wheat-free range has four varieties, with or without dried fruit. Also included in the range is Bowl-a-Muesli which only contains the sweetness of dried fruit.


While Bowl-a-Granola is no longer made at home, it is still handmade and roasted in small batches using Irish oats.